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Children's songs coming soon! Please check back for updates.


- Our music -

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From this page you may download all songs except for "He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need"

(© Dottie Rambo, Carol Talley), and "Wonder of it All" (© John Peterson/Alfred Smith/Singspiration).

You may, however, listen to these two songs.

The downloadable songs are either in the Public Domain or those for which we have purchased the recording/publishing rights.

Please do not burn/copy/rip, etc. these recordings onto compact discs or memory cards, upload to iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, ApplePlay, iCloudMusic or any other internet site.


You are welcome to download the music on this site to your laptop, iPad, iPod, phone, or PC for personal use.

Music on this site is not for sale. The musical settings belong to the musicians and technicians involved in creating the compilations.

Thank you.


The two albums on this page are SIMPLY SACRED (2001) and UNFAILING LOVE (2014)

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